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The Science Behind NMN–A Stable, Reliable NAD+Activator and Anti-Aging Molecule

Taken orally, NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted to NAD+. In numerous studies, supplementation with NMN has increased NAD+ biosynthesis, suppressed age-related adipose tissue inflammation, enhanced insulin secretion and insulin action, improved mitochondrial function, improved neuronal function in the brain, and more. Supplementing NMN may be an effective nutraceutical anti-aging intervention, with beneficial effects on a wide array of physiological functions. READ MORE HERE

Pterostilbene Promotes Mean Lifespan in Both Male and Female Drosophila Melanogaster Modulating Different Proteins in the Two Sexes

Recently, many studies have shown that natural bioactive compounds are useful in delaying the aging process. In this work, we studied the effects of an in vivo supplementation of the stilbenoid pterostilbene on lifespan extension in Drosophila melanogaster. We found that the average lifespan of flies of both sexes was increased by pterostilbene supplementation READ MORE HERE

A potential life-extending compound formulation with alpha-ketoglutarate and vitamins, conferred an average 8 year reduction in biological aging, after an average of 7 months of use

We examined the effects of taking CaAKG on human biological aging. Overall, these 42 individuals showed statistically significant average reduction in their biological age of approximately 8 years. The length of human lifespan makes it impractical to perform survival analysis. Instead, aging biomarkers, such as DNA methylation (DNAm) clocks, have been developed to monitor biological age. READ MORE HERE

From our laboratory to the comfort of your home

Every NŪYŪ product goes through a vigorous process from envisioning and researching, developing, testing, and analyzing before it reaches our consumers hands to help promote healthy aging and longevity.

Enhanced validation process

All of our products are third party tested and all natural to ensure the highest quality for optimized results

Advanced research approach

The core ingredients in our formulations have been extensively researched by the best anti aging laboratories in the world including MIT and Harvard.

Continuous innovation

The field of anti-aging is relatively new and ever changing.  We prioritize staying deeply connected with new science so we can continue to deliver the best anti-aging products on the market.

Optimized excellence

Our commitment to developing the finest products in the market involves rigorous research, testing, and validation before reaching your hands.

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